5 Pins I Tried & Actually Worked!

February 9, 2016

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My eyes are bigger than my Pinterest boards...*Sigh*


I have a horrible habit of constantly pinning things: while I wait for the Keurig to brew, while I wait for the laundry to get done ... you get the idea. And some if not most of my potential craft projects actually look crazy hard ... they seem too good to be true, right? 

One of the things I promised myself for this year was to try, to just keep trying things. If I fail, I fail. If I do good, well, awesome :)  I think it's more about doing crafts just for the sake of crafting and pushing your limits. I'm a children's illustrator as well as a fellow crafter and I can honestly say that the best work I've ever done has always happened when I:

  • Stepped out of my comfort zone

  • Kept going even if I lost the "I want to do this" feeling

  • Got rid of deadlines and was given free-reign to do whatever


I'm too hard on myself, demand too much and want to do everything at once. And I often do (everything at once, it seems), it's funny. I have the ultimate craft ADD - one day I am sewing quilts, the next day I am painting and two days later I am making resin jewelry. My husband says that he gets dizzy from trying to keep up with what I'm doing (LOL!)


Anyway, I'm going through my pins, having fun trying and I've compiled this list of sucessful projects - things that I highly recommend to try because they are easy enough for a beginner like me and they gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. So here it goes: