#SFDesignADay Challenge Days 1-4

March 5, 2016


Well, if I haven't been blogging this week is because I've been a very busy bee. Spoonflower launched this past Tuesday their Design A Day challenge and I thought it would be fun (and it is!) so I went along and here's a recap of the designs and a little bit of a behind the scenes:



I went old school and started from scratch on the good ol' sketchbook rather than Photoshop or Illustrator. Drew some cute sunflowers, then some other floral/botanical elements and even added a hydrangea in the mix. 


Then I outlined and filled some things with a black sharpie to give it nice, clean look. Took a picture with my iPhone, used bluetooth to send it to the computer (I love how easy it is to drag and drop files from the phone to the computer!) and then recolored the image in Photoshop. I chose gold and pink tones, a little red and yellow to tie the design together. I like how cute it turned out! I would so use this for my daughter's bedding/sheets. So adorbs!