Handmade Shops We're Crushing On

October 4, 2016

*This post contains external links to different shops.



Indie, sustainable, quality ... We're loving the diversity and choices that the Internet and artisans all over the world are providing us with. 

Supporting small, independent businesses like ours is one of our goals as a family, so we made a list of our favorite stores that we keep visiting over and over, to buy or just drool over the awesome stuff they have (LOL!)





Ivie Baby Shop on Etsy
(Photo by Iviebaby)

Elizabeth from Ivie Baby is a busy, busy lady! Her current wait time is 4 weeks + shipping and totally worth it.
Very modern, chic and stylish - and now that I'm having a baby soon I can't stop going through her selection, trying to narrow down what I'm putting on my baby registry. 


Olive Me Handmade

(Photo by olivemehandmade)

This lovely Canadian store is getting restocked often (check her Instagram for restocking news). So if you visit her store and everything says "sold out" just be a little patient because the wait is definitely worth it! I love that she uses soothing colors and beautiful patterns that are both stylish and fun. 

If I'm not mistaken, she uses organic fabrics mostly