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Sloan & Co.'s Shabby Chic Nursery

Photo credit: Sloan & Co. |

I recently got word that someone posted to Instagram a picture of a crib sheet with my 'Wonderland' or Happy Flowers fabric and when I checked it out I was instantly smitten by Marisa's (from Sloan & Co.) shabby chic nursery style. I immediately reached out and asked for permission to share it because it's totally swoon worthy. Where do I start? *Gah!*

First of all, do you know what I really appreciate from her? That she chose various hand-crafted items for her sweet daughter's nursery. It came together wonderfully and I can't brag enough about her sense of style - what a wonderful, magical retreat she created here!

I think children's decor is about making memories. Can you remember what your favorite bedding looked like when growing up? I DO! I distinctly remember when I was about 4 or 5 that I had this peach color bedding with cute little white sheep, it was my favorite and was so sad when it got switched for a Beauty and the Beast comforter instead. I was like: where's my sheep one? WHERE? LOL!

I hope that one day Marisa's daughter can look at pictures of her room later on and go like "Wow! I remember those flowers, they were so cute!" and that it serves as inspiration to spark her creativity. It's truly my privilege to be able to create these fun designs, I just want to put smile on people's faces. So below is the link to Marisa's blog, with lots of pictures of the different elements and details on how she brought the whole look together. I am crushing on her style so much! Really, check out all the gorgeous pictures in her blog.

Click to see Marisa's nursery tour on her blog (Sloan & Co.)

Where to buy the crib sheet: Available at IVIEBABY's Etsy shop

About SPOTTED! - Have you seen any of our products and/or fabric designs on social media or you have them in stock at your shop and would like to share it with me? Send me an email - I'd love to see pictures and share them here. Thank you for all your support!

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