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I was planning crafts for future blog posts last night and it was crazy trying to keep up with the trail of post-it notes I had scattered throughout my desk.

I am such a messy crafter and often feel a bit scatterbrained ... I kind of write notes to myself here and there and end up with a bunch of notes that later don't make sense! It doesn't help that I have a 2-yr old toddler that loves to come to the office and play with said notes.

Anyway, in an effort to keep all my project ideas in one place I created this super cute printable. It has a space at the top to name your project, start and end date (because we must! Must finish I tell you), a box to draw the idea or sketch (I need visual aids!) and a list of things that you need (or need to buy) as well.

It's got plenty of room (the sheet is 8.5" x 11") and I did a full color background not because I don't care about wasting ink but because the purpose is that you take this thing and either laminate it or reuse it by putting it inside one of those clear binder sheet protectors and use an eraseable marker to draw notes.

If you like to file physical copies of your projects, I suggest making color copies (if you plan to print a whole lot of them). Make sure to print US Letter Borderless; it does look fine with the white border all around anyway so it's a matter of preference.

This printable is now for sale in the shop for only $2 (instant download, high-res PDF - get it here) and you can also find the fabulous Post-It® sticky note version (4" x 6") at my Zazzle shop as well (get it here).

Craft Idea Post-It® Notes

Hope you like it and that it does help you to keep organized!

P.S. Stay tuned! Tomorrow I'll have a super fun sweeps - you'll be able to enter for a chance to win the editor's fat quarter bundle (2 fat quarters, one of "Happy Flowers" and one of "Knit Sheep" on basic cotton ultra, designed by me). I'll post all the details soon so check back tomorrow for fun stuff.

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