New Work & Exciting News :)

Guys, it's been a while since I've posted but wanted to share a bit of good news with you: I am expecting my 4th child! Yes, 4th (bless me) LOL! My husband, kids and I couldn't be more thrilled but I have to say that being pregnant in your 30's vs. 20's really takes a toll on your body. Some mornings I'm all chipper and some days I'm just feeling blah but I'm getting used to it and praying that time flies by so I can be in my 2nd trimester because the first one is one crazy rollercoaster ride. I have taken less work and less comissions and sadly have put some of my personal projects in my back burner such as my new line of handcrafted cabochons for rings, bracelets and earrings that I've been working on and off this past year and a half and was looking forward to release; also some paintings and a lot of handcrafted and knitted items for my shop. The good news is that I am releasing more fabrics and a new 90's inspired floral children's collection featuring super cute sunflowers and roses, as well as smiley faces because it was my favorite 90's fashion staple. The collection will be out within the next month or so; will post for sale and let you guys know as soon as it's up. Other good news is that this year I have a book coming:

The Magnigicent Twos gives you a picture of what happens in the Mayes household pretty much hahaha! The adventures of a sweet little toddler that is discovering the world around him and creating a little bit of mess, much to the consternation of his brother and sister - who always try to save the day before mom and day see the huge messes he makes. When kids are in their twos, they push boundaries, discover how far they can push limits and we often call it the "terrible twos" but if we look at it from the child's perspective, I bet they are fun and adventurous. My youngest son, Riordan will be 3 this year and the story is loosely based on his shennanigans. It's a fun read with silly pictures that the whole family will enjoy! I'm looking forward to the release and I'm still sorting out some final details and finishing off some illustrations but it's getting closer and closer to publishing so come this summer or fall, you guys will love this little picture book. I'll post more details soon and a link for you guys to check it out.

And last but not least ... baby shoes, blankets and toddler items will be coming soon to the shop! I received all the newly printed labels and carefully chosen fabrics for the shoes and we're kicking off this project within the next week or so. I wanted to have some handmade cloth diapers for newborns as well but we have a long way to go on that as we're testing different patterns and making sure that they actually work and don't leak because that's the last thing we need. Really want my handcrafted products to have the best quality so as soon as we have a perfected product I will upload it to my shop. That's it for now. Stay tuned and expect some awesome stuff coming to the shop within the next couple of months :) - Gina Mayes

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