NEW Skillshare Class! How to Create Your Own Children's Fabrics Using Adobe Illustrator + Spoonf

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I am so very happy to announce and share with you my very first Skillshare class on how to create your own children's fabrics with the help of Adobe Illustrator and Spoonflower.

What makes it Spoonflower specific is that you have to tweak some settings in order to make the designs optimized for the Spoonflower platform, but you can apply the same concepts whether you're designing for a client or a different platform/website.

Here's a preview of the class: (play it on the HD setting so it doesn't look pixelated)

This is a quick mini-class so you won't spend too much time watching long videos, I promise! What really got me started on creating my own fabrics was the lack of variety/good selection of children's fabrics in my local fabric stores. I was so frustrated so I started looking around on Etsy and Amazon and people kept telling me about this wonderful site called Spoonflower, where you can print your designs on demand!

I was already working as a children's illustrator so I was like: "I can probably do this, let's give it a try." The rest is history!

You don't have to know a whole lot of Illustrator to join this class - so long as you have a basic knowledge of it (know where all the tools are or what they are for) you're good to go! And I chose a children's theme because it's the easiest way to break into surface design. It's a very forgiving style - kids won't notice if your pattern is symmetrical or has all these technical specs correct. All that matters is that the design is cute, has a good flow and that you love your creations! So give it a try - really, anyone can create some fun designs and make unique gifts for your friends and family (or to sell... start your own business!)

Click here to see this class on Skillshare.

What I love about Skillshare is that you can try it out for very cheap - 99 cents for your first 3 months if you don't already have an account and you can cancel at any time if it's not for you. I've learned so much already! Lost my fear of Photoshop, streamlined my illustration/design process so I can work more quickly and efficiently and I've learned all sorts of crazy things, from video editing to creating animations and SEO optimization. There's so much you can learn while you have a little down time to spare.

Feel free to shoot me any questions regarding this class through this post or through Skillshare. I will be checking in daily, except the last week in December and first week in January (I will be out on maternity leave) but I will answer any questions when I get back from having my baby - promise!

Have lots of fun creating!

- Gina Mayes

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